What Is This Thing ?

You’re probably here because you want to be trading stock, but you had mixed results. Or, maybe you just don't have time to do the research that's necessary to be consistently profitable. It doesn't matter, what's important is that you're here and you have found a tool that will help you find consistent trade ideas. stockBOX is an application that runs in the cloud. It analyzes about 20 parameters on about 5000 individual stock symbols every minute. Once the trade starts, the AI sifts through all the noise to provide a managed trade ideas for you to benefit from.


How Do I Use It ?

During market hours stockBOX will discover long and short trade ideas. If you decide that you like one of these ideas, you can copy them into your brokerage account. Each trade that stockBOX discovers simulates opening a position with a share size equivalent to $1500. When the trade idea is initially discoverd it will output the percentage goal of the trade, the profit target and the stop loss level. During the trade the AI might detect a price level that is significant and it will occasionally increase the position size. (Buy More Shares). When the profit target is reached the trade is closed. All you have to do is copy the actions of the AI to your brokerage account.

Trade Ideas Sample

Symbol LMNX
Found on 3/27 @ 10:34
Bought LONG, 58 Shares @ 26.33
Profit Target 3.34% / Sell @ 27.26
Stop Limit @ 25.47

stockBOX Trade Averages

Hold Days 6.2
Profit Target / Trade 3.14%
Trade Ideas / Month 155
Average Trade Profit $52.08


Current stockBOX Strategies

The unique configuration of each strategy makes performance very different in volatile market conditions. Click on "Strategy Details" to better understand the historical trading style.

Strategy: Checkmate

Annual Growth


Real Time 1 Year Simulation

Total Trades: 2042
Average Hold Time: 6.2 Days
Growth Last 30 Days: 6.67%
1 Year Accuracy: 94.12 %

Strategy Details

Strategy: Footprint

Annual Growth


Real Time 1 Year Simulation

Total Trades: 1625
Average Hold Time: 6.3 Days
Growth Last 30 Days: 1.14%
1 Year Accuracy: 93.35 %

Strategy Details

Strategy: Handshake

Annual Growth


Real Time 1 Year Simulation

Total Trades: 1685
Average Hold Time: 6.4 Days
Growth Last 30 Days: 1.46%
1 Year Accuracy: 94.6 %

Strategy Details